Questions that Charter Teachers in Baltimore Might Want to Ask their Operators

In the spirit of creating a dialogue between charter teachers and their operators with respect to the current charter expansion bill (House Bill 486, Senate Bill 595), teachers might want to consider the following set of questions:

What are the main frustrations that you experience as an operator in running a charter school in Baltimore? Which of these frustrations are unique to being a charter operator? Which, in your opinion, are shared with all schools?
Are you behind every part of this bill? If no, which parts do you not support and why?
There are changes in the bill that make MSDE a possible charter authorizer and thus increase the potential for charter management organizations to come to Baltimore to “convert” existing schools, (according to MDCAN, these would be mostly high schools):

What are the positive aspects of this change?
What are the negative aspects of this change?

With respect to the proposal to allow charter operators to become the employer of the teachers and paraprofessionals in their charter (instead of BCPSS being the employer):

Would you opt to make the operator the employer at the next renewal?
If yes, what protections, salary levels and benefits would you anticipate maintaining from the current union contract? What would you change?

Parallel Questions for Traditional School Principals

What are the main frustrations that you experience as the principal of a traditional Baltimore City Public School?

Are there freedoms/flexibilities that charter schools currently have that you would also like in your school?

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