July 1


Telling school and neighborhood stories in writing and in video so other people will read/view them and so you won’t get fired.

In this story workshop we will all practice writing stories and doing short audio or video recordings to capture stories about schools and neighborhoods and about the relationship between them. The purpose is to improve our own storytelling abilities, to learn more about how to ethically and safely elicit stories from other people, and how to “publish” our stories. TDP, in conjunction with other partners, will continue gathering stories (in writing, audio and video) over the summer. We will discuss how the recording of a collection of individual stories can lead to the formation a larger counter-narrative about a school wide, systemic or neighborhood issue.

This larger narrative is controlled by the people telling the stories and can serve to replace the accepted narrative about educational failure with dreams about the schools and neighborhoods we deserve. This workshop will discuss how to collect the stories, build a team and instigate massive yet focused change.

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TDP Summer Institut FlyerTDP Summer Institut Flyer back

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