Occupying Schools

As efforts to keep Langston Hughes Elementary school open to its 180 pupils continue, we find inspiration in seeing how other communities took matters into their own hands to keep their schools from closing. The following articles are an example of how parents, teachers, and education advocates joined forces to push against efforts to displace students, staff, and teachers.

Be Inspired!

Chicago Parents Occupy School | Teacher Solidarity

Parents in Chicago have occupied a school which is threatened with takeoverThe Piccolo Elementary School in Chicago is threatened with ‘turnaround’ and takeover by …
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Chicago Teachers Union | Piccolo Elem. Parents Occupy A…

The Chicago Teachers Union is an organization of educators dedicated to advancing and promoting quality public education, improving teaching and learning condit…
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Parents, Teachers ‘Occupy’ Oakland School To Protest Clo…

One man was proud to be there with his wife and three children – sleeping in tents on the school courtyard for the past few days.
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Parents occupy Oakland school to protest closures » peoplesworld

OAKLAND, Calif. – Despite the Oakland Unified School District’s order that they leave the premises, parents and teachers occupying Lakeview Elementary School since June 15 say they plan to stay until the district agrees to keep their school and four others open, reversing its deci…
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Parents, Students Occupy Lafayette School (UPDATED) | Progress Illinois

Parents and students are occupying Lafayette Elementary school this afternoon in protest of the school’s closing.
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WATCH: Parents Occupy Closing School In Protest

The last bell was set to ring at Chicago’s Lafayette Elementary School in Humboldt Park Wednesday afternoon, but Lafayette parents had other plans in mind. Around …
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Parents, Students Occupy Lafayette Elementary Classroom On School’s Last Day (VIDEO) | Progress …

Just after final classes let out at Jean D. Lafayette Elementary Wednesday, three parents and their children occupied a classroom for hours in opposition of the Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) plan to close the school for good this month.
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Parents Occupy Classroom To Protest School Closings

Parents took over a classroom at Lafayette Elementary to protest the city’s plan to shut down the school after this year.
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