The past is never gone Follow-Up Session II

July 24

9am-3pm Dream House 1430 Carswell St., 21218

Develop curriculum that helps students learn, within the con nes of a curricular mandate, how their neighborhoods have been transformed by sytematically racist policies over the years.

This curriculum-focused workshop invites participants to bring the materials, books, sources and ideas they have used to expose students to critical thinking about the history of race and neighborhoods within Baltimore. We will ask questions about how to construct curriculum from both and historical events/policies–curriculum
that can be used for di erent age groups and to teach di erent subjects. We will share problems we have encountered with respect to curricular mandates, debate the most salient and engaging events and the messages they provide, share classroom protocols that work to engage all students, and set up an on-going forum for exchanging curriculum plans and doing collaborative eld work on this vital topic.

TDP Summer Institut Follow Up Sessions Flyer TDP Summer Institut Follow Up Sessions Flyer bck

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