Community events

We expect that fellows will commit to two of the following events/meetings a month.  These are community events where we involve a broader range of teachers and community activists in our work:

  • TDP Movie Night: We pick a school, Red Emmas, or another community venue to show an education-related movie and engage people in a discussion after the movie.
  • “Reflective Teacher”: Once a month we have a storytelling happy hour at which we take turns telling each other school stories and then using the Critical Response Process to dig deeper into the problems presented.
  • School Board Meetings: We try to have at least a few people attend each school board meeting to take notes on decisions being made and participate in raising issues or asking questions during public comment.
  • Education Advocacy Meetings:  There are a number of groups that either meet regularly all year or, for instance, just during the legislative session.  We try to have TDP representation at the most important meetings all year.  They include: BUILD Education Committee meetings, Baltimore Education Coalition meetings, hearings in Annapolis, and other public sessions called by advocacy groups such as ACLU or MD ReFuse.

There are also larger events that TDP puts on each year where we invite a whole crowd of people to join us in looking at the human face of education policy.  We share videos we have made and engage in a dialogue about important current issues.  This is a chance to for us to recruit other teachers to join the program and build a network of teachers doing grassroots organizing work.  Fellows are expected to assist with these events.  This year we anticipate 3 events:

  • October: A showing of a video about the proposed charter legislation (by New Lens, 2015) which will involve a panel discussion and audience questions
  • January: A showing of a video about the state of teacher activism in Baltimore (by New Lens, 2016).  We will be making this video during the school year using a participatory documentary process.
  • June: A showing of a series of teacher and student-made videos at an end of year event called “School Stories.”

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