Awards and Opportunities for Fellows

Most of the TDP  Fellows  are  active  Baltimore City teachers who spend a year together participating in a series of inquiry groups and creating authentic classroom and advocacy products to share with other teachers and stakeholders. The program also reserves  space  for  2-3  education activists who are working directly with young people, schools or teachers.

The goals of the fellowship are to:

  1. Build a strong community to support authentic learning: Program staff and fellows spend a year meeting regularly; visiting classrooms; reading foundational and new texts; sharing and experimenting with a variety of pedagogical practices, reflection tools, and feedback mechanisms; and practicing new media skills.  Our hope is to equip teachers with the means and sense of efficacy necessary to lead students in taking control of their own learning.
  2. Provide a platform for teachers to share knowledge of critical pedagogy beyond the classroom: Fellows write, produce media, and disseminate results with other education stakeholders in both local and national settings. Our hope that this will turn into the creation of a Baltimore Grassroots Curriculum website, a shared, local, critical education exchange to include blogs, reflections, annotated practices, and curricular materials.
  3. Help teachers to grow as Public Intellectuals: Program staff and fellows convene with other teachers to examine critical issues in education, develop critical consciousness, and provide encouragement and guidance for those who want to be more civically engaged. Our hope is to inspire action and advocacy around issues of concern to teachers, students, and communities.