Our mission is to support teachers from Baltimore City Public Schools to develop student-centered, culturally responsive pedagogical skills; build shared critical knowledge about the local and national contexts of schooling; and connect meaningfully to efforts focused on strengthening public education and democratically controlled communities.

Beliefs and Values

TDP Fellows, program staff, and partners all share a commitment to humanizing education.  Specifically we believe in and value:

  • Project-based curriculum development based on grassroots, social justice work and research performed in collaboration with students, parents and community partners, and drawing directly from students’ and their families’ common concerns
  • A critical pedagogy that recognizes the societal forces that influence every aspect of schooling in a city such as Baltimore.
  • Authentic assessment tools to support lifelong learning skills that students need and deserve, and that help teachers push back against high-stakes test-based, linear-growth models
  • Alternative media projects that are used both as fundamental teaching tools and as a means to share knowledge and bring change
  • Well-considered educational reform alternatives, developed by people who are closest to the work of classrooms, that create a counter narrative to the privatized and market-based approaches to school reform
  • Participatory action research methodologies that value historically marginalized knowledge and create opportunities for all members of a research team to develop reflection skills and critically consider power dynamics in the research and it social contexts