2014-06-08 13.45.58Helen Atkinson, Executive Director

Interests: community control of schools, grassroots organizing, resisting the privatization of public education, teacher mentoring, school policy and funding issues

RDr. Helen Atkinson has worked in and with Baltimore city schools for the past 27 years.  Read more about Helen here.

Rebecca Yenawine, TDP Media Consultant, Executive Director of New Lens.

Interests: Media as a tool for social change, taking action to create equity in various social systems, young people and other marginalized groups’ vision for change, understanding the importance of racial and cultural identity and its impact on everything and research on the impact of art.

Read more about Rebecca here.

Amber TaylorAmber Taylor, Program Coordinator

Interests: Media, colorism, sociopolitical, social media activism



Inte’a DeShields, TDP Media Consultant, PhD Candidate Language, Literacy, and Culture | UMBC

Interests: Rhetoric, media, communication and culture, sociocultural politics, intercultural communication, qualitative research.

Read more about Inte’a here.

Sherella Cupid Goucher Writing RoomSherella Cupid, TDP Research Assistant, Doctoral Student Language, Literacy and Culture | UMBC

Interest: Education Reform, Africana Studies, Meditation through Art, Judeo-Christian Spirituality & Studies and International Studies

Read more about Sherella here.