Sherella Cupid

Sherella  Cupid  comes  to  LLC from  Goucher  College,  where  she  completed  her  Master  of  Education (MEd)  in  At-Risk  and  Diverse  Learners.  She is  interested in investigating issues  in  education,  with  the  intent  of  partnering with educational stakeholders to increase agency and empowerment among teachers, students, and families, and community members.   She  joins the Teacher’s Democracy Project  to  gain  further  knowledge  on  the  influence  that  advocacy and enrichment programs  has  on  Pre K-16  students,  particularly  minority,  female,  first to second generation, and international  students.  Importantly, she  is  also  interested  in  looking  at  the  ways  enrichment  programs  and  education can be  equalizing  forces for  students.