How race plays into school choice and teacher voice

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This week we want to consider the concept of “post-racial racism” as it applies to how parents are set up to choose schools for their children, how schools have been pitted against each other, and where teachers find themselves when they want to have a say in education policy.  The goal is not to point fingers at individual choices, but rather to try to find a collective stance as parents, teachers, and community members in Baltimore on how to improve our school system and teachers’ union.  It is difficult when talking about innovation to pick out those innovations that keep us within the public realm, and those that take us toward privatization.  It also takes hard work to ensure that each community has the capacity to advocate effectively for its own schools.  The articles this week start to explore these tensions.

Future of Charter & Traditional Schools in Baltimore

Listen to Helen Atkinson, Director of Teachers’ Democracy Project; community activist, Kim Trueheart and others as they discuss the “future of charters and traditional schools in Baltimore. Preceding “The Future of Charters in Maryland” public event, Marc Steiner hosted a show to explore the exact topic. Listen here.

Opportunity and Hope in America’s Public Schools

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing numerous attacks on our schools and our teachers, including significant budget cuts to education at the federal and state levels since 2008, that are having enormous consequences. Among other things, inequitable and inadequate funding of our schools are undermining the core missions of public education in a democratic society, particularly providing … Continue reading Opportunity and Hope in America’s Public Schools

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