Do charter schools need teachers unions?

Here is an interesting take on unions and charter teachers. The percentage of charter teachers who are unionized in the US has gone down from 12% in 2009 to 7% in 2012. That makes charter teachers in Maryland some of the only unionized charter teachers left. And, as this article explains,charter teachers are starting to organize to win back their union rights. It is possible that we could lose something in Maryland that teachers in most of the rest of the country will have to fight to establish. Rather than giving up on our union, let’s make it our own. Watch for legislation from MD CAN and/or Hogan this winter that will once more attempt to deunionize our teachers.

NEW ORLEANS – Kaycee Eckhardt, a former charter school teacher in New Orleans, has decidedly mixed feelings about teachers unions. She believes they play an important role on certain issues, including ensuring teachers aren’t overworked. But she worries they sometimes squelch teacher voices by insisting on a party line.

“You can’t tell teachers what to say,” she said. “Unions do that a lot, even with good intentions.” Read the full article here.