Who We Are

TDP is a grant-funded action research project within the Language, Literacy and Culture Program at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).  We are located in the city at 1430 Carswell St, Baltimore, MD 21218 (otherwise known as the “Dream House”–owned by a group called the Youthdreamers).  Our staff consists of a full-time director, a part-time research associate, and a consultant from New Lens.  We are supported at UMBC by our principal investigator.  We also have collaborative partnerships with several university professors and non-profit organizations.

TDP fellows are Baltimore City teachers and education activists who work on social justice issues at the classroom level and in the city as a whole.  Fellows typically have at least 3 years experience in a City school.  They are looking for a way to connect to other activist teachers in order to work together on substantive change.  Fellows commit to attending the Summer Institute and Workshops, participating in Inquiry-to-Action Groups during the school year, publishing blogs and other writing, going to conferences, and participating in our action research project.  The application process involves completing an application and participating in an hour-long interview.

Associates are teachers and education activists who want to participate in TDP events, attend workshops, write blogs, and connect to other teachers, but without making an upfront time-commitment.  There are no requirements other than a desire to help grow a grassroots community of teacher and activists in Baltimore who discuss, make sense of, and react to current school reform efforts as they play out in the classroom and in the larger political scene.