Summer Institute

The institute sets the scene for a year’s worth of inquiry and action for TDP fellows.   Interested teachers and education activists apply in the spring, and start as fellows when they join the Summer Institute.  The Summer Institute, workshops and small group planning sessions are designed to give teachers the boost they need to feel invigorated in their classroom and in their profession, to stand together with other teachers to make the changes that are needed on behalf of students, and to connect to community activists across the city who are doing vital work in their communities. Each workshop requires some background reading and video/media viewing.

TDP associates are invited to attend any of the summer institute sessions, space permitting.

The institute starts with three days in late June and continues with two follow-up days in July.  The focus of these daylong workshop days is: the Reflective Practitioner; Social Justice Curriculum–writing and pedagogy; and Education Advocacy.

The institute concludes with the 2-day Introductory Video Workshop in early August during which participants learn the process of completing a very short video from start to finish using an iPad and iMovie.

The Summer Institute for Summer 2016 will take place on June 27, 28 and 29, with follow-up days on 2 of the four days July 13,14, 27, 28.  The Introductory Video Workshop will take place in early August.